Budget Highlights

Source:Compiled from the Assam Budget documents for various years



Assam’s Budget was presented on March 16, 2022, in the State’s Legislative Assembly. Below is a summary of the major highlights from the budget.

  • Revenue and Expenditure:The Assam Government expects to spend Rs.1,19,551 crores in the year, against an estimated revenue of Rs.1,19,028 crores.
  • Borrowings:Rs.19,354 crores is expected to be raised through borrowings.
  • Salaries, pensions, and interest:Assam will spend nearly 57% of its revenue (excluding borrowings) or approximately Rs. 56,766 crores on committed expenditure i.e. salaries, wages, pensions and principal payments and interest payments.
  • Education, Sports, Arts and Culture gets the highest allocation of Rs. 23,095 crore